4.3.1. To the extent that the purchaser is not a U.S. person, this clause is defined in Rule 902, which is defined by the Securities Act (a “S-K-ufer Regulation”), the purchaser, by this regulation, confirms the completion of the agreement by the purchaser, that the shares are acquired for an investment on the buyer`s own behalf of the purchaser of this settlement, not as a nomineuse or agent, nor for the resale or distribution of a portion of that contract in the United States or to a Member State established in the United States, and that this regulation does not currently provide for purchasers to sell, grant or distribute a shareholding. In implementing this agreement, this Buyer S Regulation further states that this S Buyer Regulation does not have a contract, the obligation to sell, transfer or grant interests to that person or third party in the United States or to a residence in the United States, with respect to any of the shares. Do stock purchase contracts seem confusing? Don`t you visit UpCounsel`s expert resources at SPAS or talk to one of our Harvard or Yale corporate lawyers? 3.1.2. Exercise of the right of first refusal. The company and/or its agent may decide at any time, within thirty days of receiving the notification, that the company and/or its agent inform the holder in writing of the acquisition of all the proposed shares, but not of all the proposed shares, in order to transfer them to one or more of the proposed purchasers at the purchase price set in accordance with point iii). If you are the sole founder of a company, do you have to write a share purchase agreement? Instructions: Please do not fill in any spaces other than the signature line. The purpose of this sale is to allow the company to exercise its purchase option under the contract, without the need to sign additional signatures from the founder. Selling shares differs from selling assets for several reasons. Selling shares rather than assets has tax advantages because it has a lower capital gains tax rate. The sale of assets may include the sale of equipment, licenses or even intellectual property.

Other items and clauses may be added to a share purchase agreement, depending on the case. It is recommended that you consult a professional business lawyer UpCounsel to design a SPA covering all eventualities. 3.2. The right of the company to buy in the event of an involuntary transfer.