Dictionaries are a special database necessary for automatic calculation of the value of the coupon (autoprorate). As part of the service, Avisoftica manages at its own expense the reference data necessary for Interline`s calculations: Interline-Partner and billing conditions with them, IATA CH courses, provisional and prorate factors of IATA. International comparisons are carried out in full compliance with industry standards and the recommendations of market regulators such as IATA, ICAO and the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. Outgoing accounts are generated and incoming accounts are downloaded as exchange files according to current IATA-SIS schemes. The special agreement is a special example of an interline agreement that defines precisely the distribution of fees and the billing of ticket costs between air carriers. While a regular interline agreement is a widely understood agreement between two (or more) airlines allowing a trip with a ticket, the BSG sets the terms of financing, distribution and billing of fees paid by the passenger (or by the buyer) and pays the ticket money only to one of the carriers involved. Revenue optimization revenue in short and medium sectors is not secret, but doing it right requires experience. it is true that the terms of an adjacent agreement can provide, at no additional cost, a few percentage points of additional revenue. Interline traffic flows need to be analyzed for optimal settings. Well-designed Special Agreements (SPAs) allow an airline to offer additional markets and destinations to the market at competitive prices, which is made possible by an acceptable cost of acquisition.

Unlike general companies, AVIADO team members are highly specialized experts in this field. You have extensive experience and unique skills to help you maximize your interline and proration position. We are pragmatic and specialize in improving profitability in this complex area with a focus on realistic recommendations. LOT Polish Airlines has signed a special agreement with Qantas Airways (SPA). It offers passengers and airlines far greater benefits than a standard interconnection agreement. The Prorate Agency maintains passenger and cargo protection agreements on behalf of the airlines that signed the Prorate Agency (PAA) agreement.