This agreement will enter into force at the signing of both parties and will remain in force until June 30, 1957, unless one of the parties has denounced it in advance after three months of written notification to the other party. It can be changed from time to time, by mutual agreement between the parties, to the extent necessary. Recognising that, on the one hand, individual freedom, freedom and independence and, on the other hand, sound economic conditions and stable international economic relations are interdependent. to cooperate prudently to promote and accelerate India`s integrated economic development; Considering that the increased exchange of knowledge, skills and technical techniques in the field of economic development between the two countries is beneficial; whereas the United States Government of America and the Indian Government agree to participate in promoting understanding among peoples and goodwill, as well as in maintaining peace in the world, and to take steps that they can mutually agree on in order to eliminate the causes of international tensions; Agreed to implement the technical cooperation programme and its various projects as follows:: – ECPD supports the association with the necessary support of its general and professional development and contributes to quality technical and technical cooperation with the ECPD`s International Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, based in Banja Luka (hereafter the ECPD Faculty), as a founder. In accordance with the fundamental principles of the United Nations Peace University, ECPD, operational units, associations and the various institutions of this organization, as well as the fundamental objectives and values promoted by these organizations, the contracting parties herely create commercial cooperation with companies and reciprocal rights and obligations as described below. : guided by mutual interests, the PARTIES here matter the establishment of commercial and technical cooperation under the conditions defined in this sense. The agreement to improve the use of available capabilities, technical and technological achievements, and experience in the design and manufacture of `2`; PARTIES have set the following objectives and objectives: – increased participation in international activities; The two governments will define a procedure by which the Indian government pays, separates or commits all funds allocated or derived from a U.S. government assistance program, so that these funds are not subject to a garrison, seizure, seizure or other legal proceedings by a person, a company, an agency. , the organization, organization or government, if the United States Government of America believes that such a judicial procedure would undermine the achievement of the objectives of such an aid program. In order to achieve the objectives set out in Articles 2 and 3 of this agreement, ECPD approves the organization and management of special coach training and continuing education programs for trainers and competition judges, as well as the awarding of titles and ranks of champions in the fields of karate and martial arts. – the application of advanced technology in the mass production process, which improves product quality; the unspent amounts deposited in Fund A: in the event of a return to the government of the United States of America as Terazije Strae, Belgrade, represented by its executive director, Professor Negoslav P. Ostojic, as the founder of the ECPD International Faculty of Sport and Physical Education , headquartered in Banja Luka (hereafter called ECPD), on an in-witness page “HEREOFE , the undersigned, duly approved by their respective governments, have signed this agreement.